Generation of new target vehicles from STL or OBJ files for Visual simulator

Generation of new target vehicles from STL or OBJ files for Visual simulator

For now, only STL and OBJ files are converted into Visual simulator target (only target!) vehicles. File size should not exceed 2-5Mbytes. Your purpose is to bring coordinate system and scales to those used in the simulator.
(1) Click [Browse], then [Upload] to load STL or OBJ file. At Isometry window, use left and right buttons and mouse wheel to change model view.
(2) Try to move coordinate system origin to desirable position using Translation vector. Plane Z = 0 should be at waterline level for ships, submarines and wing-in-ground effect vehicles and at ground level for aircraft. Position X = 0 should be somewhere near the centre of vehicle. Y = 0 must be plane of symmetry.
(3) Rotate coordinate system such that axis X points forward; axis Y points to port; axis Z points upwards (use axis rotations for that). Use second rotation if needed.
(4) Scale model to make all sizes in metres.After every change in parameters click [Update] at the lower left corner of the screen.
(5) Download area installer SetupVehicle.exe and file containing new vehicle data .vhc. Copy these two files to a directory on your computer and run SetupVehicle. For networked version of Visual simulator, install the new vehicle on ALL computers in the network. Exercise manager "Objects/New target" menu should show the new object type.
Model sizes in metres :

Isometry (use mouse to change view) Top view
Front view Side (starboard) view
Maximum speed
Smooth surface

Translation by


Scaling coefs :