Compass (Raymarine® ST60+ as prototype)

Features :
  • backlighting
  • heading, COG or average heading modes
  • heading lock
  • difference between locked and current headings display
  • interface to radar simulators
  • Function How to implement
    switch on DISP button - hold down for 1 second
    switch off DISP button - press and hold down; countdown is displayed; switched off after 7 seconds
    backlighting press DISP and hold for 1 second until display starts showing L 1; release button; press DISP to change backlighting; returns to normal operation in 7 seconds after last press
    changing heading display in unlocked mode, press DISP momentarily; heading mode changes to COG mode (COG is shown at the bottom of display), then to average heading mode (AVE at the bottom of display), and then to simple heading mode (no indication)
    lock heading is used to lock heading (displayed at LCD screen) and control steering by difference from the heading (shown by hand meter). Press LOCK to switch to locked heading mode; current heading becomes the locked value after flashing for 5 seconds; the hand shows divergence from the locked value
    changing locked heading press < and > buttons in locked mode
    stop locked heading mode press LOCK, the difference between locked and current headings flashes for 5 seconds; the instrument switches to unlocked mode