Click to go to radar simulator controls

How to use

This is very simple

Click [Chart].

Specify exercise area (real terrain! any area!) from 60S to 60N latitude and ship parameters and click [Connect]. This will connect you to the central server. It may take 1-2min to create a new exercise area if it has not been yet cached. Please wait.

If you are not happy with automatically created position for your ship, [Disconnect], click on the chart to set a new cursor (new ship) position and [Connect] again.

To magnify a chart fragment, press left mouse button at its upper left corner and stretch rectangle to lower right corner, then release the button.

Your ship is red, targets (i.e. other ships) are black. Your can create targets on another computer and on the same computer by other browsers or by other browser's tabs. Invite your friends to create their ships in the same area.

Click [Radar].

This will display radar PPI with indicators and controls. Use them to make your way to your destination avoiding collisions with other ships using radar instruments. The terrain geometry may not be loaded immediately, the time depends on your broadband speed. Average amount of data to be loaded is 10MB.